Architect Angelika Hinterbrandner on alternative building, housing and thinking

Episode #12

The problem we tackle in the first episode of our second season is huge and it is everywhere:


It is the most widely used substance on the planet after water! And it obviously works: The Pantheon in Italy was built out of Roman concrete almost 2000 years ago and still standing.

But it’s destroying nature big times: Eight percent of all carbon dioxide in the world comes from producing concrete. That’s more than double than those from flying or shipping.

To produce it you need a lot of energy and a lot of sand. So much that we are running out of sand on this planet. And the water! And the people driven away form their land to mine cement, and all the ugly buildings and deadly walls and boarders built out of it, and, and, and. BUT we focus on the solutions and Utopias here. And we have indeed found quite some:

*alternative building materials like clay, wood, bamboo

  • reusing building materials
  • recycling concrete
  • producing concrete with a carbon capture and storage method
  • alternative housing concepts where people share space, tasks and ressources

Host: @elisabeth_weydt
Executive producers: @_charlotte.horn and @christinafeemoebus
Music: Robert Pilgram


Recycling Stones:
Circular Construction Lab:
Architects for future
Studio Almeria ETH Zürich
Copenhagen wants to get climate neutral by 2025, also with alternative building

On Clay:
On reusing building materials:

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