Our Team

Elisabeth Weydt

host and producer
Elisabeth Weydt is host and co-founder of Radio Utopistan. She has worked mainly for German Public Radio ARD and published her first book on nature rights in 2023. Her stories revolve around natural resources and the transformative power of civil society.

Christina Fee Moebus

host and producer
Tina is one of the co-founders of Radio Utopistan. She works as a podcast- and radio-journalist for information and cultural radio programs in Berlin and Bremen. She also works as a correspondent in Mexico from time to time. For her, outside the box thinking is the key to powerful storytelling.

Marnie Knorr

environmental activist & creative mind
A few years ago Marnie saved a large green area in her hometown Bremerhaven from being turned into concrete and got voted into city Parliament. Now she is full throttle into fighting for nature again and wishes to create utopian ideas and stories.

Valentina Bravo

editor and copywriter
Valentina is an editor and copywriter who firmly believes in the power of storytelling as a catalyst for transformation. She’s a natural communicator and a committed globetrotter, having worked on a wide variety of projects, ranging from the strictly academic to the decidedly spiritual.