Episode #7 Part 1

Exit Part I is about stories, Exit Part II about facts and strategies. We’ll meet a Nazi-whisperer, an ex-Nazi, and a Nazi-target.

Tülüfülügülümülü is a writer and actor, son of a guest working cleaning lady and a guest working taxi driver. He grew up in Bavaria and learned the hard way. His Utopia is that people don’t try the easy way in life. You can’t find easy answers to really difficult questions, he says. Who are you in a room for 24 hours without internet?, for example.

Fabian grew up with Nazis in his schoolyard. Today he is working for Exit, an organization that helps people get out of extremist circles. His Utopia: To see that people can change. That is the biggest narrative in a democracy. People can come back to society.

The Ex-Nazi didn’t give his name, but you can hear his words spoken by Tülüfülügülümülü. His Utopia: A place where there is no exclusion and where people help each other.

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