Episode #2

Grace is a member of the LUCHA movement in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is fighting for change. With change she means the end of corruption and violence. And instead creating a real democracy with social justice, clean water, paved roads and free education. With fighting she means non violent fighting: demonstrations, leaflets, social media campaigns.

For their work LUCHA (Lutte pour le Changement) was honored with different international peace and human rights awards. Nevertheless some members of LUCHA had to spend months in prison, some are even dead. Also Grace spent some time in prison. She has a baby girl now. “But the hope is bigger than the fear”, she says.

Just a few days after our first conversation on democracy, useless NGOs and trauma LUCHA member Freddy Kambale was shot at a demonstration. Two police men were arrested. “We are trying our best to honor his memory and to call for justice for him”, Grace says.

Grace’s Utopia is a Congo nouveau. A Congo with real democracy and psychotherapy.

Grace’s movement: http://www.luchacongo.org/

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