Episode #10

We are in the field again for this episode: In the drug strongholds of Mexico, the violence is unimaginable and the justice system overwhelmed or even involved. Less than two percent of crimes are solved. Padre Fili has gone to one of the hot-spots there to spread some peace, joy and vanilla cream cake. He set up camp in Ayotzinapa, where 43 students disappeared seven years ago. They were on their way to a demonstration, their buses were stopped and shot at by the police. Illegally supplied weapons from Germany were used.

Fili’s mission: to create dialogues between everybody involved: the Narcos, the police, politicians, students and victims. “To talk to the wolves, that’s my job”, he says. He has seen the Netflix series about the Narcos and they made him laugh he says. Spending a week with him in Guerrero made me laugh many times even though all I felt like was crying and hating all humankind. So much cruelty.

Fili’s Utopia: a world without suffering. Especially for the most vulnerable: the children and the poor, the elderly, the sick. That they will always have someone who cares for them, for their lives.

Music: Robert Pilgram http://robertpilgram.com/
Illustration: Christine Anas https://cargocollective.com/christineanas
Proofreading: Gavin Steingo @gstarrrrr
Host: www.elisabethweydt.de



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