Episode #0

Radio Utopistan is a podcast and community. We believe in constructive storytelling and a more just future. Therefore we are interconnecting bold ideas and visionary people from around the world.
Radio Utopistan is a think-and-do-tank. A toolbox for political hope and civic engagement.
We are still in the beginning. Our aim is to establish a digital media brand and a social enterprise that will solely focus on catalyzing Utopias. Small ones within families or neighborhoods and big ones within our global society. Via our podcast, via dinner tables, workshops and conferences.
We believe political hope and bold ideas are needed more than ever; in face of climate crisis and social disruptions after the pandemic. Nevertheless, of course, we will be critical with all utopias we promote. Because the utopia of one person can be somebody else’s dystopia. That is why we commit ourselves to the Global Charter of Ethics for Journalists.
Radio Utopistan is about people who fight for their Utopias. For progressive spaces within the system or outside the system. For electricity in war torn neighborhoods for example. Or for trees. Or for good food. For solidarity where there seems only oppression. It’s not about blueprints of how to organize societies, but about guide posts, roadmaps and inspirational people along the journey.

Utopian ideas drive us as humans, they drive humankind and humanity. And Radio Utopistan wants to find out what drives those visionary people. It was the belief that we could fly, conquer disease or live in permanent peace that gave women and men the courage to take risks, to step out, to try things and also to fail.

Many things that we take for granted today, were mere utopias in their day– and the people who fought for them were ridiculed, shamed, harassed and also killed. 200 years ago the end of slavery was still utopia. The fall of the Berlin Wall just 50 years ago. And then the end of Apartheid 30 years ago. Where does that leave us today? What are the utopias of our time? What about gender equality? Basic income? Nature rights? Peace in the Middle East?

Elisabeth Weydt meets people who are striving towards and fighting for their Utopias, people who want to change the system or build some space outside the system. Elisabeth is an award-winning multimedia journalist based somewhere between Hamburg and Haifa. She mostly covers topics which revolve around radicalism and resources. She loves cooking and will meet her guests preferably at home, in bars or in the jungle.
Annuschka Eckhardt is the supervising producer of Radio Utopistan. She studied international emergency aid and worked among others in Mexico, Colombia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. She is part of a collective that organizes cultural events to support refugees at EU boarders.
The rest of the team you will get to know while listening and engaging along the way.

Let’s go treasure hunting together.
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